CAMPOEIRA is a camping trip organized by Salt Lake Capoeira’s students, under Mestre Jamaika’s supervision.
Its goals are to teach capoeira to new and older students and connect the community through this beautiful art form of capoeira.

CAMPOEIRA is a fundraiser for our annual Summer Batizado, where we have the privilege to bring masters from other states and countries to teach us capoeira, and where students change their cord levels in capoeira.

CAMPOEIRA is open to ALL, capoeiristas or not. Kids are also welcome!

Check out our CAMPOEIRA last year!

Friday | Saturday | Sunday
May 20 – 21 – 22
@ Yuba State Park

PRICES: $65 (until April 5th) ***early bird
$80 (April 5th – May 10th)
$95 (after May 10th)

Payment includes:
A place to camp
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (Friday & Saturday) & Breakfast/Light lunch(Sunday)
Capoeira Workshops with Mestre Jamaika
Yoga Class
Wire art workshop